Daryl Beeton Productions

Daryl Beeton Productions is the company led by the established theatre maker and practitioner Daryl Beeton.

We use a variety of ambitious, imaginative and unorthodox approaches in creating and presenting relevant playful productions for families and young audiences which are presented in theatres, outdoor spaces and places where our audiences spend their free time.

We bring fun into our work and we take that seriously by investing in new Disabled led narratives which aims to produce innovative, exciting and challenging performative experiences for all.

We are a go-to company for work produced by Disabled artists and theatre makers.

ADiffWayToThink – The Online Series

Our #ADiffWayToThink Mobile resource library is your one stop shop of thoughts, discussions, toolkits and resources.

All of which formed part of our ‘#ADiffWayToThink – The Online Series’ and is broken up into different topics and areas of thought.

In July 2020 we ran the ‘#ADiffWayToThink – The Online Series’ which discussed actions that will help us stay on an inclusive path, as we respond to the changes and challenges thrown up by COVID-19.  The sessions were led by Disabled artists and practitioners and – in the ethos of doing things differently – they were not the usual ‘Zoom Doom’. Using creative access methodology, the gatherings offered a relaxed and engaging way to come together and think

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A Square World

Daryl Beeton Productions presents A Square World, an honest, touching and bizarrely quirky piece of theatre for young audiences. This non-verbal story, set to an original commissioned soundtrack uses clean-cut simple design, object manipulation and elements of surprise to create an ever evolving and imaginative world. 

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Wild N Beets

In 2017 Nicola Miles-Wildin and Daryl Beeton set up their new collective Wild N Beets, as a way to create and present outdoor work that took Disability politics on to the high street, but with their unique brand of funny and cheeky end of the pier type humour. Together they reinvent great British games from our childhood by placing what it means being Disabled in todays current climate of ideological tory austerity and inequality.

Daryl and Nicola have worked together on various projects since 2007 exploring ways to make outdoor work accessible and inclusive. Through their collaborations at Graeae, Paralympic opening ceremony and Kazzum they have created outdoor shows together for many years and for other companies. 

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Who is Daryl?

Hi there, my name is Daryl and I have worked extensively within the Theatre, Disability and young people’s arts sector for the last 20 years. I’m a recognised cultural leader in youth arts participation as well as a high-profile advocate for disabled artists.The core of all of my work has been a belief that arts can enrich our lives and those of the communities we inhabit. I am an active advocate for improving the rights of disabled and vulnerable people by promoting access and inclusion within the arts.

Working in this way has required me to try a variety of ambitious, imaginative and unorthodox approaches to creating relevant and playful theatre that removes barriers and ensures the engagement for all and across all art forms.

In 2010 I was selected as one of 15 Cultural Leaders creating and producing work in the outdoor arts sector by the Independent Streets Arts Network (ISAN) and in 2013 I was recognised with an Action for Children’s Arts Members Award for my commitment to enriching children’s lives through the arts.

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