Wild N Beets

In 2017 Nicola Miles-Wildin and Daryl Beeton set up their new collective Wild N Beets, as a way to create and present outdoor work that took Disability politics on to the high street, but with their unique brand of funny and cheeky end of the pier type humour. Together they reinvent great British games from our childhood by placing what it means being Disabled in todays current climate of ideological tory austerity and inequality.

Daryl and Nicola have worked together on various projects since 2007 exploring ways to make outdoor work accessible and inclusive. Through their collaborations at Graeae, Paralympic opening ceremony and Kazzum they have created outdoor shows together for many years and for other companies. 

Though Wild N Beets, Daryl and Nicola are able to collaborate with great artists such as Mike Pattison, a well-respected artist, theatrical engineer and puppeteer who has worked in the outdoor theatre sector for twenty years and Designer Jon Van Beek, who has designed outdoor work for a variety of companies.

Wild n Beets is managed by Daryl Beeton Productions