Who is Daryl?

Hi there, my name is Daryl and I have worked extensively within the Theatre, Disability and young people’s arts sector for the last 20 years. I’m a recognised cultural leader in youth arts participation as well as a high-profile advocate for disabled artists.The core of all of my work has been a belief that arts can enrich our lives and those of the communities we inhabit. I am an active advocate for improving the rights of disabled and vulnerable people by promoting access and inclusion within the arts.

Working in this way has required me to try a variety of ambitious, imaginative and unorthodox approaches to creating relevant and playful theatre that removes barriers and ensures the engagement for all and across all art forms.

In 2010 I was selected as one of 15 Cultural Leaders creating and producing work in the outdoor arts sector by the Independent Streets Arts Network (ISAN) and in 2013 I was recognised with an Action for Children’s Arts Members Award for my commitment to enriching children’s lives through the arts.

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