Socially Distanced Making




Socially Distanced Making – What can inclusive practices teach us about creating new work in a safe, accessible way? 

Coronavirus has made new rules for how we live, work and play together. And that means new rules for how we write, create, devise, rehearse and perform together. If you’re feeling nervous about how to continue to create at distance, remember that storytelling is as old as humanity and we always find new ways to do it. Even online, it can be a collective experience and a singular moment in time. Working in new ways can mean new ideas as well as new challenges. 

The Aesthetics of Access is a concept pioneered by Graeae in which access requirements shape the look and feel of the work, rather than being added in at the end. Access is part of the creative armoury, used to enhance the final performance for everyone involved. Part of access right now is care for each other in these uncertain times, as a community and as individuals.

This means thinking about how to create at distance, using the new restrictions, limitations, platforms, technologies and practices as jumping off points and opportunities to explore and break new ground together. It also means learning to sit with uncertainty and hold space for each other in kind and generous ways, both of which us theatre folk are prepared for and skilled at.

Empathy is our business, and right now that’s both what we have to offer and what we all need.

So we spoke with Amelia Cavallo about how this approach is impacting upon her work.

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