LMNH part 1

As part of our A Different Way #ADiffWay programme, we have just completed the first two stages of research and development (R&D) for Look Mum, No Hands!

Look Mum, No Hands! is a show for 8-12 year olds that explores ‘risk’ and ‘independence’. It’s a story about that moment of independence when you finally don’t have to rely on others for support. It’s a story of two friends discovering how each other’s boundaries change as they grow up.

This R&D has been a fascinating process (more about that later) and it’s got us thinking about partnerships, collaborations and a shared responsibility. Like the wider #ADiffWay programme and all our partners involved, Look Mum, No Hands! wouldn’t have been possible without the shared responsibility of our collaborating partners on this R&D. Yes, partners provide money, support and an abundance of expertise to ensure we can make things happen, but what’s more valuable is a shared responsibility around the vision and ethos of the work.

The vision for Look Mum, No Hands! is that it is disabled-led and that the voices of young people, disabled and non-disabled, are the critical creative driving forces of the process. Each partner has shared the responsibility of making that happen, from Spark Arts involving young people from the local community in Leicester, to Graeae opening their space for creation and the involvement of their young company, and Mimbre in being fully open and honest within the creative process. All partners involved have taken responsibility to learn, lead and ensure that disabled artists and young people are at the centre of the creative journey.

Changing the model of how theatre for young audiences is more open, accessible and inclusive to disabled-led work takes a sector wide shared responsibility, and the model of Look Mum, No Hands! R&D seems a great starting point.

To that end, this month as part of our #ADiffWayToThink social media campaign, we’ll focus on Shared Responsibility.

So what did we get up to during our Look Mum, No Hands! R&D? You can read the full blog HERE