Isolation Bingo

Beryl and Cyril loved taking their reinvention of that great British tradition Bingo onto the high streets. But because of Covid-19 they are not allowed out of the houses so they bring their brand new game… ‘Isolation Bingo’ into your homes!

They’ve thrown caution to the wind and bought a zoom account in the hope that they can start playing bingo again. You’ll get a  glimpse into Beryl and Cyril’s own homes and into the reality of their isolations. Cyril’s infamous tan has now faded, Beryl usual immaculate hair and make up is not up to scratch since her support worker had to self isolate.

Inspired by their own isolation they have created new Bingo calls, made the prizes and have even tidied their lounges. This fun, relaxed and cheeky online game is open to all. A chance to have a good old fashioned chin wag and a giggle. 

The calls for this unique game of bingo are inspirited by the lockdown and self isolation that speak to everyone. They include calls such as “No loo roll but need a pee, number 3”… “Keep those hands clean, number 13”…”I’ve had enough of Joe Wicks, number 56” and  “Days of quarantine – number 14”

This online playful interactive cabaret style game show of bingo with its underlying narrative of the characters reality of isolation that will resonate with everyone who is dealing with the reality themselves. 

Commissioned by First Art 

First Art testimonial: 
Isolation Bingo is an original, brilliantly funny, entertaining show that is accessible to a wide audience. Its chatty, cheeky nature and added quick wit goes down a storm with the audience, all delivered with a quality performance from Daryl and Nickie. Their attention to detail and consummate professionalism makes this a first-class experience for event organisers and audiences alike. And all of this is delivered with smiles and laughter throughout. A pleasure to work with and a pleasure to present.