On this page you will find the milestones of Daryl’s directing career.

Whats Wrong With You  – Nikki Charlesworth – 2018.  I was Creative Advisor working with Nikkie Charlesworth on the development of her new show. (Nottingham)

Babushka’s Winter Adventure  – Graeae Theatre Company – 2017.  An adaptation of the Babushka folk-tale using a combination of beautiful aerial work, storytelling, music and humour.Performed by Graeae’s young Rollettes’ company. (London)

Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate  – The Shouting Mute – 2017.  I was Creative Advisor working with David Young on the development of his new show. (Poole)

Reasons to be Cheerful  – Graeae Theatre Company – 2017.  I was Associate Director Graeae Theatre Companies autumn national tour of Reasons to be Cheerful. A raucous musical featuring the hits of Ian Dury and the Blockheads. 

The Buccaneers’ Final Frontiers  – Graeae Theatre Company – 2016.  An outdoor performance devised and performed by Graeae’s young Rollettes’ company. (London)

The Iron Man of Karachi – Graeae Theatre Company – 2015.  An adaptation devised and performed by young disabled performers in Karachi, Pakistan in partnership with Graeae and British Council. (Karachi, Pakistan)

#ReTold written by Daryl Beeton. – Kazzum – 2015.  A live and online immersive experience streamed live from the view point of the characters on stage. (London and Online)

Waiting Game written by Daryl Beeton. – Kazzum – 2014.  A promenade, site-responsive performance for teenage audiences, inspired by the real-life experiences of London’s young asylum seekers presented at Oxford House and Weavers field (Tower Hamlets, London)

Head Space Devised. – Kazzum – 2013. An interactive wearable installation for outdoor family audiences that take place within a series of different sized, plain and boring looking brown boxes. The  audience  have  the opportunity to place their head inside and experience the sensory world within. (National Outdoor Touring)

The Girl Who… Devised. Kazzum – 2012. Presented in the streets of the east end this theatrical fake walking tour that looks beyond the familiar. Two different worlds collide as the audience discover secret buildings, explore sensory installations, and meet strange characters as the performance unfolds. (Tower Hamlets, London)

Addressed to a Friend Devised.Kazzum – 2012. A medium scale outdoor family show where the audience is submerged in a quirky world of lost oversized packages in which a variety of characters inhabit. Exploring awkward new friendships, the audience must work with the apprehensive guards to help them understand there is more that unites them than divides. (National Outdoor Touring)

Curious Curios Devised.Kazzum – 2011. A travelling sideshow with a modern twist, bringing far-fetched stories to life A weird and wonderful exhibition set within a garden shed invites young audiences to explore these amazing discoveries, and to meet the Professor herself, as she brings their stories to life. (National Outdoor Touring)

Beginning With Blobs Devised. – Kazzum – 2009. Dance theatre for 4 – 8 year olds which involved clay, dance and a live choir are combined to show you the evolutionary paths of three imaginary beings inspired by Darwin’s theory on evolution. (National Small Scale VenueTouring)

Paper People Devised. – Kazzum – 2008. The Paper People cut and manipulate their newspapers, allowing characters to pop off the page. Paper people is an interactive, street art performance that combines ‘walk-about’ and ‘visual performance’ for children, young people and their families. (National Outdoor Touring)

H.U.N.T. written by Sladjana Vujovic . – Kazzum – 2008. A specially-commissioned play for young people exploring one person’s experience of violent war and conflict. HUNT is a site-specific, promenade style performance that responds to the character and uniqueness of the venue it’s presented in, providing a sense of the unexpected and evoking an energetic and emotive response from audiences.(Tower Hamlets, London)

The Boy Who Grew Flowers Devised. – Kazzum – 2007. Physical theatre for young audiences with a lushly visual display of object theatre and live music combined with the use of humor and metaphor. Celebrating the beauty of our uniqueness this story gives reassurance to anyone who’s ever felt out of place (National Small Scale VenueTouring)

Moments in Motion written by Daryl Beeton. – 2005. One man waits for his date to arrive but triggers dark memories of waiting in hospital as a child. Dance, theatre and circus (National Small Scale VenueTouring)

When Snow Falls written by Chris Elwell.Half Moon Young People’s Theatre- 2003. Integrated British Sign Language and visual performance for 4 – 8 year olds (National Small Scale VenueTouring)