Beryl & Cyril’s Great Barnsley Bake Off

With support from Made In Corby and The Core at Corby Cube,  we recently undertook 3 days of research and development on a new show…Beryl & Cyril’s Great Barnsley Bake Off!

Beryl and Cyril host their own version of a popular TV format, The Great Barnsley Bake Off in Corby!

A fun filled game for all the family.  Will you accept their signature challenge? Can you shop on a shoes string in their technical challenge? Who will have the soggiest bottom in their showstopper challenge?

No baking is necessary in the game that places austerity, Disability politics and innuendo in a mixing bowl and bakes to perfection!

We plan to continue to develop the show into a full production for 2021 onwards. If you’re interested to find out more, drop us a line.