A Square World

Daryl Beeton Productions presents A Square World, an honest, touching and bizarrely quirky piece of theatre for young audiences. This non-verbal story, set to an original commissioned soundtrack uses clean-cut simple design, object manipulation and elements of surprise to create an ever evolving and imaginative world. A place where we discover anything can happen once we think differently and rip up the rule book

A Square World is a story of friends who enjoy the same routine day after day, each day is the same until an unexpected change is forced upon just one of them. This accidental happening throws everyone into disarray, the friends are suddenly divided into those who can and the one who can’t.

The friends realise their daily routine is no longer as enjoyable as it was and together decide they need to redefine the rules of the square world where they live. By injecting a little fun and chaos they soon discover their lives won’t be square ever again!  A Square World looks at the unfairness of being left out in a world designed for everyone else but yourself.

“The show is funny, quirky, assured and important.”  Children’s Theatre Review

“This simple, yet wonderfully effective piece really brings home how being different should be celebrated.” Curious Mum

“An immediately engaging, funny, poignant and truly delightful performance.” Mumsnet