Artistic Management

Leading and managing a variety of small arts charities and projects has required a flexible and creative approach that can turn imaginative ideas into a cohesive and strategic framework. Managing a varied team of core and freelance staff has equipped me with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a valuable understanding of the challenges and activities undertaken by small organisations.

Below you will find examples of the type of companies and projects I’ve led, worked with or managed their artistic programmes. I am also a trustee for  The Independent Streets Arts Network (London)

National Associate Manager: Arts and Collaborations, Drake Music; London 2016 – Present. I manage and develop the artistic vision and collaborations of the company involving digital technology and creative access

Chair, International Inclusive Arts Network;  2012 – Present. I manage an international network that promotes and shares good practice of inclusive arts for and with young people. This has included securing partners to fund and support the network, seizing opportunities to connect with larger global networks and presenting the work of the members at international events.

London Regional Programme Manager, Drake Music; London 2015 – 2016. I managed and developed assisted music technology projects within the London and south-east region. This involved setting up projects, developing a network of partners and collaborators as well as planning, evaluation, reporting to stakeholders.

Project Director, Happy Ever After Festival: London – 2015 I worked with a group of 16 – 25 year olds to create an outdoor family arts festival. This included training and support the young people to artistically programme professional acts, market, create bespoke performances and manage the festival.

Artistic Director, Kazzum; London – 2006 – 2015. I manage a large portfolio of projects whilst leading the strategic development both artistically and financially. This included developing the artistic practise, business planning, evaluation, reporting to stakeholders and ensuring the company is legally and financially sound. I manage a variety of artists, freelancers, trustees, stakeholders and core staff which requires effectively communicating the companies interests and vision to make sure Kazzumcontinued being relevant and sustainable within the  arts and young people’s sector today and for the future. You can read more about Kazzum HERE

Artistic Programmer, Knowledge Festival; 2013 & 2014. I worked in Partnership with Oxford House to set up a new annual arts festival. This required developing new relationships with artists, audiences and communities, fundraising, staff support and programming high quality artistic productions and activities for the three-day festival.

Creative Facilitator & Trainer, Taking Flight Theatre, Cardiff; 2013/14I created and delivered a series of training courses for the companies artists and facilitators exploring the use of inclusive approaches within their artistic practice. This involved working with established, emerging and disabled artists and facilitators.

Artistic Manager, Graeae Theatre; London  – 2011/2012. In partnership with Graeae I developed and managed two educational projects  with a focus on integrating specialist and mainstream schools. This involved supporting fundraising and administration as well as managing a freelance team, planning delivery and evaluation.

Creative Mentor, Drake Music and Furtherfield; London  – 2008-2009. In partnership with Drake Music I delivered a mentor programme for professional disabled musicians working in schools across east London. This involved working with all partners to understand their needs, respond by creating a useful and relevant programme and support people throughout the process.

Manager ‘Bubble Club’, Map Squad: London – 2005-2006. I supported a group of learning disabled adults to set up and manage a monthly club night for other learning disabled adults. This role required a high level of advocacy and support to make sure that the members were in a position to carry out and approve recommendations or decisions to effectively manage their monthly events.

Theatre Support Worker, Theatre on the Move; London – 2004-2006. I supported 2 learning disabled adults to set up and manage their own drama company. This role required training the directors in theatre and drama, supporting them to apply for funding, promoting their activities, planning and implementation of a programme of work.

Artsplan Trainer, Artswork, Southampton – 2003-2006. I planned and delivered youth arts training to a variety of youth organisations across the UK. My area of expertise included ‘Access to Arts’ ‘Setting up youth arts project’ and ‘Working with those at risk’

Associate Director, Half Moon Young People’s Theatre; London 2001 – 2004. I lead the strategic development of the companies disability and community strand and worked to embed models of good practise across all areas of the company. I developed and implemented policies and action plans, undertook community and partner engagement to make sure the work being produced was suitable and relevant for its target audience.