Co-Creating the Future




Co-Creating the Future. So, what now? Where do we go from here? What does the future of PYA look like? 

Times of uncertainty offer the potential for social change. We need to work together to envision what a bright future for PYA could look like, and build connections across the sector to make it possible. Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to leadership which looks to identify and build on strengths, rather than to focus on and attempt to ‘fix’ weaknesses. If we take that path as a sector, what would that look like? What strengths would you build on?

At DBP we are creative. We bring fun into our work and we take that seriously. We celebrate individuality while working as a team. We are old friends and new. We play. We value each other and rely on each other. Different views are welcomed in and we find space for them. We don’t hold onto things too tightly. We love working with young people and are always surprised, amused, animated and motivated by their ways of looking at – and being in – the world. We like holding the door open for others. 

This is an era-defining moment. Let’s not miss it. Let’s make our choices deliberately and joyously, with optimism for our shared future, rigour in rooting out inequality and belief in our humanity. 

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