About Us

Daryl Beeton Productions is a Disabled-led company where collaboration and co-creation meet mischief and merriment, creating accessible theatre to delight young audiences.

We love working with young people and are surprised, animated and motivated by their ways of looking at – and being in – the world.

We take fun seriously. Working nationally and internationally, we create colourful and entertaining performances that challenge exclusion and champion equality. Our approach is generous and playful, bringing together a changing team of designers, devisers, dramaturgs, performers, acrobats, musicians, administrators and technicians to tell our stories.

We hold the door open for others. We make room for new people, both in our team and in the sector. DBP is a driving force for change within the arts, working to address the persistent and widespread lack of diversity and inclusivity in cultural organisations’ leadership, governance, workforce and audiences. Flexibility, adaptability and creativity underpin our ethos of access and inclusion in all aspects of the company.

We believe in the power of the arts to include. Whether producing, consulting, training or delivering projects, our aim is always to ensure that all children and young people can realise their creative potential and see themselves represented in theatre both on and off stage. Our work is inspired by our communities and together we are ambitious about the power of performance to value each individual and build a sense of belonging.

The Directors are: Daryl Beeton and Arren Stromboli

Daryl Beeton Productions can be contacted at our email address hello@darylbeeton.com

Daryl Beeton Productions Ltd
Company no. 11302218
Registered in England