About the Company

Daryl had worked extensively within the Theatre, Disability and the Young People’s arts sector for over the last 20 years. In 2018 he decided to combine the different strands of his creative work into one company and Daryl Beeton Productions was born.

Daryl Beeton Productions is here to invest in new Disabled led work with a focus on productions, participation, consultation and project delivery. Daryl Beeton Productions aims to produce innovative, exciting and challenging art and theatre experiences for all.

We believe the arts is a medium of entertainment, communication and education which can enrich our lives and those of the communities we inhabit. Through promoting access and inclusion, the arts can become a powerful tool to advocate and improve the rights of those in our society who’s voices go unheard.

Daryl Beeton Productions wants to make work that is accessible to a variety of audiences, artists and participants. Our aim is to broaden the reach of theatre and the arts across a diverse range of communities and backgrounds.

The Directors are: Daryl Beeton and Arren Stromboli

Daryl Beeton Productions can be contacted at our email address hello@darylbeeton.com

Daryl Beeton Productions Ltd
Company no. 11302218
Registered in England