A Square World

Daryl Beeton Productions presents A Square World, an honest, touching and bizarrely quirky piece of theatre for young audiences. This non-verbal story, set to an original commissioned soundtrack uses clean-cut simple design, object manipulation and elements of surprise to create an ever evolving and imaginative world. 

We super excited to announce that A Square World will be touring Japan in 2020.

In May 2020 we will be touring the country starting off at Ricca Ricca Fest in Okinawa, before heading to the Mirai Festival and the ASSITEJ Congress in Tokyo. Then we’ll be heading across the country to perform at several different venues across Japan until 2nd June 2020

In August we’ll be back to Japan to perform at Tokyo Youth Festival, Lida Festival  and A-Hoj! Festival with a few other venues in-between.

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