The #ADiffWay Symposium – A Different Way

The #ADiffWay Symposium

Let’s get beyond the basics of access & inclusion.

Let’s talk about true representation. Let’s tell important stories. Let’s make our TYA programming relevant. Let’s make theatre that resonates.

The #ADiffWay Symposium was for arts organisations both large and small, appealing to programmers, commissioners, learning & outreach teams, general managers, chief execs and more.

We’d lined up an amazing group of speakers joining us for the day to share their ideas and experiences.

It was an opportunity to:

    • Find answers and plot your next steps to being a better ally for access and supporting Disabled-led theatre for young audiences.
    • See 3 work-in-progress shows demonstrating inclusive commissioning in action.
    • Be part of sessions led by experts in creative accessibility from across the TYA sector, looking at commissioning, marketing, education & more.

75% of the project had been completed between May 2019 – February 2020 and the last 25% of the programme was due to take place between March-April 2020. To date we had trained 16 freelance artists and worked with 119 young Disabled  and non-disabled participants who have taken part in 34 creative workshops. We’d undertaken 2 of the 3 creative R&D rehearsals and had a script drafted for the 3rd.

We had been honestly delighted by the response from the sector to the ADW Symposium, which was the culmination of the programme. We sold 85% capacity in under a month. This response reaffirmed our understanding how important it is to get beyond the basics of access and inclusion and develop Disabled-led theatre for young audiences, but also that our sector is ready and willing to make that change.

Our partners had been supportive, involved and generous with their time and ideas. Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester were hosting the symposium and have been nothing but accommodating and helpful. We can’t wait to press play on this project and continue to work with them all again.

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