The 3 Creative R&D’s – A Different Way

The 3 Creative R&D’s

As Part of our A Different Way programme we have developed new shows for different age ranges . Following the ideology of ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’, the aims was  to create work with, not for, young Disabled people. This meant there was no artists locking themselves in a room before we had listen to  the voices of young people and their understanding and creative response to the themes, their ideas were needed before we could even begin. A Different Way saw us research and develop 3 new shows, delving into the nuances of access and inclusion in meaningful and entertaining ways….So here is a sneak peak at what we had been up to.

An Unseen World for 3-6 year olds

How do you know a barrier is there if you can’t see it? A story about being made to feel naughty just because the rules don’t make sense.

In partnership with: Half Moon Theatre & Globe Primary School
Artists Involved: Daryl Beeton, Jon Van Beek & Arji Manuelpillai

Have a read of the An Unseen World Blog –HERE

Look Mum, No Hands for 8 -1 2 year olds 

Discovering moments of independence by taking small risks. A Story of two friends exploring how each other’s boundaries change as they grow up.

Co-created with: Mimbre Acrobatics
In partnership with: Spark Arts For Children, Graeae Theatre & Mimbre Acrobatics
Artists Involved: Lina Jonnsosn, Daryl Beeton, Maiya Leeke, Rosy Roberts, & Jon Van Beek

Have a read of the Look Mum, No Hands Blog – HERE

‘Special’ for 14+

How do you navigating the use of language? Join 3 characters with three different views as they try and figure it out. It may not be nice, it will likely be messy… but it’s definitely real.

In partnership with: Half Moon Theatre & New Wolsey, Ipswich
Artists Involved: Daryl Beeton, Nickie Miles-Wildin, Jon Van Beek & Ben Lunn

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