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Since July 2019 we been running a sector facing social media campaign using the hashtag #ADiffWayToThink, where we share relevant reports, news items and good practice in the last week of every month which covers many subjects such as; ‘Understanding the Social Model of Disability’, ‘Questions we are afraid to ask’, T’he Aesthetics of Access’ and many more. This has been an ongoing discussion both ways, with the TYA sector interacting by asking questions or sharing their own experiences. With a simple aim to create a shared understanding around access and inclusion.

This month we focus on how CORVID-19 has created a ‘gold rush’ for online engagements but it’s becoming more clear that the voices of Disabled People are getting lost because considerations about access have just been thrown out the window in the rush to claim new ground. So we’ve been sharing some Disabled-led hashtags highlight those voices.

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What Next?

We had hoped by this point that we would have a clearer picture of how we would move forward but as I’m sure we are all aware it is still difficult to put concrete plans in place at this time. We will of course keep you updated as things become clearer.

Thank you once again for your support and we look forward to reconnecting with you in the future.

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