The Cat’s Gaze – Inclusion on Stage

So I’m super excited to be working with my friends back at Teatro Prova in Bergamo, Italy.

Its been over 2 years since we started our relationship, which has involved several visits exploring and sharing ways of working inclusively, presenting my show A Square World and co-directing our new show Boboboo.

Well now I’m heading back in a couple of weeks at the end of May to be involved in their ‘The Cat’s Gaze – Inclusion on Stage’ festival. Its gonna take place at Benedictine Abbey San Paolo d’Argon, which is such a beautiful location and setting for what will be an amazing festival thats places a spotlight on Inclusion!

Stefano Mecca, Artistic Director of Teatro Prova sums up the festival perfectly!

“Inclusion is a word in vogue, and it shouldn’t be. We can find it in numerous presentations of many different events. Feeling the duty of putting the spotlight on inclusion, in its many meanings, making it
a banner, corresponds to fight against its opposite: exclusion.

Our Theatre Festival, The Cat’s Gaze, aims at testing prejudices, boundaries and indifference. How? Involving, moving and reflecting upon the reality around us, which we are part of, which is nothing more than billions of diverse lives, including one other, shaping a unique humanity. ”

I’ll be there running workshops and giving talks, but there’s lots happening over the 3 days, so if you find yourself in San Paolo d’Argon between 30th May – 1st June 2019 then come along.
You can down load the english version of the programme here The Cat’s Gaze – Inclusion on Stage


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