Audience Reactions to A Square World


Well I cant believe it was just one year ago that myself, Jon Van Beek and Vicky Island started the R&D process by working in Morningside Nursery and then later joined by Arji. What a 12 months it has been. I never imaged I would be in a stage now where its finished and touring and not only that but touring in Germany Italy and London.

So far we have presented the show in 6 venues in Hamburg, The Watermans Arts Centre and Half Moon in London and we are now of to Italy for a mini tour before returning and presenting the show back at Morningside Nursery before moving onto   Goldsmith College and Polka Theatre (all dates can be found HERE)

And now booking are coming in for the summer and autumn (as well as a few dates for 2018)

But whats all the fuss about?

fullsizerender-14The show was reviewed by Children’s Theatre Reviews

“The production is perfectly-pitched for its age range of 3-6, with the introduction of the three sqare companions making for a very funny first few moments that immediately bring the young audience onside. It’s an impressive feat – the characters and their personalities are conjured from expertly-manipulated pieces of a sponge-like material; the non-verbal piece is accompanied just by mutterings and vocally-created sound effects.”

“The show is funny, quirky, assured and important. It’s almost impossible to watch anything at the moment without finding ways to relate it back to Brexit and Trump, but A Square World really is necessary theatre right now – though perhaps the audience it needs is one of adults rather than children?”

You can read the full review HERE

fullsizerender-13It was also reviewed by Curious Mums

“Be there, or be square! A wonderful new piece by theatre maker Daryl Beeton, A Square World combines puppetry, a quirky set and expressive music – all which bring this four sides universe to life.”

“This simple, yet wonderfully effective piece really brings home how being different should be celebrated. Little hands love A Square World, and a touch of audience participation at the end really cements the message. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. And everyone is welcome to live in the Square World.”


Again you can read the full review HERE

Also we have had lovely comments from audience members on twitter, in comment books and through our online survey.

We asked people to use just three words to sum up the show and this was the response


Some audience member wanted to say more and commented in books…


And some even shared these comments online...

“I’ve seen quite a lot of shows here and A Square World was one of the best.”

“It’s a great production and there should be more like that.”

“I really liked the show, the venue and the staff were very friendly.” (Half Moon Theatre)

“Well produced show, great and entertaining for children.”

“I thought it was an excellent and I would encourage everyone to see it.”

“I really liked the show and believe the children did too. They got the message.”

“Such a powerful message delivered in an inspiring way. Brilliant soundtrack.”

Thank you to everyone for your comments so far, anyway we’re now off to Italy to see how an Italian audience will respond to 3 very silly cubes!

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