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I have now completed the 3rd and final phase of my Research and Development process for the creation on my new show A Square World.

It has been such an amazing journey and I have learnt so much, I have worked with some incredibly talent people of all ages, from 4 year olds to those who would sooner I didn’t discuss their age.

IMG_9792As I have said before this R&D has allowed me to explore new ways of working practically and creatively by adapting and developing an initial idea within a early years context. The R&D has enable me to connected with under 5’s creatively whilst gaining valuable guidance and support from my wonderful creative team, Vicky, Jon and Arji but also from a wide and diverse variety of established early years theatre makers and especially from La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi (Italy) who have helped adapt my skills whilst building confidence to create new work for early years.

For many years I’ve only created work for young audiences yet until this R&D I had not created work specifically for under 5 ’s. This R&D has allowed me to explore without pressure and gain confidence and understanding in adapting my approach to ensure it is accessible for early years.

The presentations of the the R&D process to different audience here in the UK and in Europe have created the potential for the show to have a life of its own through a great interest from programmers both from England and overseas.

IMG_9793But what have I learnt?

I have found the process enlightening but moving forward I have found the self-producing and promotion role to be quite difficult to undertake whilst developing the show artistically.

I hadn’t set out at the start of the R&D to get to a stage now where there was significant interest from bookers. I hadn’t planned for the speed of these developments. (I’m not complaining… believe me!)

I do feel A Square World has tapped into a need and desire and therefore I feel confident that the final phase of development of turing A Square World into a touring theatre show is almost within reach.

Without realising, sorry strategic planning, I have placed myself in a position where with a small further investment the show can be ready to undertake a small pilot tour from spring 2017 with an aim to be self sustainable for a national tour in autumn 2017.

So I have taken on board all the learning , feedback and advice from my experiences during the R&D phase and now just need to focus any further development on.

  • Start off small with a pilot London tour in spring 2017, which would require minimal infrastructure due to my locality
  • During pilot tour professionally film the show, photograph and work to produce high quality markets materials
  • During the pilot tour work with a tour booker to promote for a national tour in autumn 2017
  • Build in touring infrastructures such as transportation costs, flight cases and working with a stage manager

Simple yeah? I think so and I look forward to sharing my work with you all very soon.

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