Happy Ever After Festival – A Community Led Approach

Once upon a time, back in the hot summer of 2015, (yes it feels like a long time ago already) one of my last projects at Kazzum was creating the Happy Ever After Festival. But it wasn’t just me, as well as the dedicated team at Kazzum the festival was unique in another way. It had been created by a committed group of local young people aged 16-25, who have were trained in skills needed to produce a community festival.

Working with professional festival producers the young people worked over a period of a few months to created the festival theme, selected the professional acts that would perform, designed and coordinated the marketing, undertook events management training, managed the festival on the day and also created their own bespoke pop-up performances.

We worked with around 40 young people to create and manage the festival and had over a 1000 people attend. The aim was to inspire more local curated and high quality arts events that were community led.

It was a great day and a great project final Kazzum project.…. oh yeah and I also met a dragon and lived Happily Ever After!

Thank you to all involved and here is a short film from Kazzum that sums up the atmosphere in under 2 minutes!

Happy Ever After Festival from Kazzum on Vimeo.

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