Connecting prosthetics with a child’s playful imagination

Here is an interesting article about looking beyond prosthetics as cold plastics extensions of yourself. The idea for this designer was not to make a traditional prosthetic, but to propose a system that was flexible enough for kids to use, hack and create by themselves and with their friends.

Suddenly it connects the prosthetic with the child’s playful imagination, making it pretty cool, allowing them to hack at the code and change function, build attachments and wow their friends

IKO Creative prosthetic system from Carlos Arturo Torres on Vimeo.

IKO is a creative prosthetic system designed for children to explore and empower their creativity in a playful, social and friendly way. What if kids could use their imagination to create their own tools according to their own needs; disabled kids needs are not always related to physical activity but often alternatively the social and psychological aspect; what if kids could make their own prosthetics and have fun at the same time? Learning. Creating. Being kids.

Read the full Guardian article here

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